About Me

Find out about my past, my present and my future. This page represents the amalgamation of my career, what I am up to and my social presence.


I am 28, my name is Jon Evans and I am softwar, web developer and game dev hobbyist utilising Unity3D with a couple of projects lined up.

Development is an integral part of my life and I dedicate a large chunk of time to doing development work in my spare time to really better my understanding, and knowledge of programming. I am a massive tech and gaming enthusiast and believe that digital and interactive media and games are the way forward in terms of experiences that people can craft. So if you are doing anything like that - get talking!


Above everything else my goals are to learn and gain experience in all forms of programming and development. I strive off the sharing of knowledge and education in fields that interest me, and as such got through university by taking it upon myself to study C# and learn it in order to use it for my dissertation. In addition I have also taken a keen interest in the Unity3D Engine, which can utilise C#.

Ultimately I want to end up in a position where there is new stuff to be learnt, where I can experiment with new technologies in emerging sectors of the industry and build experiences that I can share and others can enjoy.


In terms of formal experience I have completed university and graduated from Canterbury Christ Chuch University with a 1st in Computing, prior to that were my A levels with a B and C in History and English. Alot of my education has been in my own time, educating and challenging myself to learn and discover new things in the development world.

Currently I am working towards completing the 'CS50 Introduction to Computer Science' offered by the 'Harvard University Extension School' in my own time. I have recently been putting alot of work towards projects, however it should be completed by December of 2014.

Project Work

Whenever possible I work on various projects varying across different technologies in order to discover, learn and master both new technologies, methodologies, and skills. These personal projects take shape in many forms with some as websites, others as software or some as games. If you are interested in finding out more about what projects I have worked on, or what ones I have in the pipeline head over to the Projects section!


Connect with me via any of the below social networks; from LinkedIn with a career overview to twitter to see spurts of internet noise.