Overview of Unity Dev Work

Current Personal Unity3D Projects

So I am currently working on two Unity projects, one is a strategy RPG survival arena based game - Hierarchy, and the other is a strategy, top down economy and army game based in the Halo Universe- UNSC Warfare 2. Unity 5 has offered the perfect platform to do work on the projects and and I have made some good progress at porting over my old code for Hierarchy and starting a Unity 4.6 UI in UNSC Warfare.

Below is a bit of an update with some short videos of progress that has been made for Hierarchy. In summary, adding in the new UI for health bars and status effects, chase AI and the infratructure for the attacking, health and Object Pooling for AI and experience drops!

  • New Unity UI Healthbars & ActionBar

    Started implementing replacements to the original old GUI system that was in place.It's a lot smoother, and currently is limited to the health bars, and current state of the AI. The bottom section also has a health bar for the player and will handle all of the powers that the player has.

    In addition to this I have got a cast/channel system in place for moves that require a precast time and constant chanelling as seen in the first video.

    Visibility through obstacles

    From an Isometric perspective you are usually unable to see on the other side of obstacles from a certain camera view. As such I have added the ability to raycast through that layer and also give visibility to the player if they are behind one whilst chaining together nearby obstacles to give greater clarity on where to move.

    Basic AI Chase - via NavMesh

    I have started adding in basic Chase AI. Currently works off the NavMesh and has a VisionRange, which it looks for enemys in and then uses a LineCast to check if it has unobstructed vision of the enemy. I am about to implement FOV so it's more accurate, but the above video demonstrates the LineCast using the debug redline as well as one of the spheres indicating the AI's last known location of the player.

    NavMesh Agent Performance - Baseline

    After adding the basic Agent movement and player detection I decided to benchmark performance with a high number of agents to assess the feasibility of using the current implementation. The end result was over 200 agents with a good framerate, however this is not truly representative as there aren't many other assets in game. Fortunately I don't plan on having more than 50 active at any one time later down the line.

    What is this game?

    Hierarchy is a Unity3D project which is slowly building into a playable game. It started off as a culmination of game mechanics that I have been working on in individual projects for an RTS Survival Game where players control one hero, start with nothing and battle other players, survive the harsh environment, its natural inhabitants and find weapons, armour and equipment to be the last man standing. It is built upon an infrastructure of generic and reusable systems, from Items, to powers and movement. I am currently in the process of rebooting the project in Unity5 whilst refactoring all of the code that was written early on into a more flexible framework.

    An early demo of the first prototype play area is available at the link below. This demo is of a very early build of the pre-reboot game. Instructions for controls and what is included within the demo are on the page. It is in no way finished or representative of what I want it to be on completion.


Why am I doing this?

I have self learnt Unity3D in an effort to get into the games industry, as well as explore how games are built and work. I am extremely passionate about programming, general development and games and I am always looking to self-improve and work with others to learn more, both inside and outside of work! I am looking for a chance to work with others in a chilled out environment where we can build awesome games. For more information about me check out my LinkedIn on LinkedIn or send me an email: glitch100 [at] gmail.com